“On Sunday, I went to OutFest, an LGBT festival. The energy, vibe, and feeling that I got upon being there was absolutely incredible. The sense of… empowerment was something that I never really felt quite like this before, and it really hit me. It hit me that I want to create media that would make people feel the same way I felt in the festival. It honestly… opened my eyes.”

This Brainbank is pretty much the one I like the most. It still holds true.


So, I got pokemon this week and it has been a load of fun! It’s bringing back all the nostalgia of playing pokemon red and yellow. God, it’s unbelievable!

I really hope that someday I’ll be able to create something that gives people such joy that, even years into their lives, they can still look back at it fondly and with nostalgia. I think that is something I have realized that I want in stuff that I create and will strive from now on to create.


So this weeks brain bank is all about Skittles.

I used to eat them when I was younger, but then I grew out of my love for skittles. However, recently, I have fallen into this tragic love for skittles you don’t even know! It’s tragic because I hate myself for eating those delicious balls of sugar!

Well, at least I now know my favorite candy from now on! and if someone wants to bribe me for something, they know what to get me!

P.S I know this isn’t a great brainbank, but I mean what the hell I was completely uninspired this week so this si all I could really think of. I’m not even gonna try to deny it. But god, you gotta love skittles.


So I recently went back to playing the piano. Theres a crappy rusty piano in the multipurpose room where I live, and I’ve been playing there. I completely forgot how it made me feel to play the piano. It’s really undescribable.

So, that’s when I decided to minor in music. Sure, I can’t sing. But I’ve trained on the piano with a personal trainer since I was 9. It’s a part of my life and I should incorporate it into my career!